Get Lost in the Right DirectionIt is wonderful when your life’s journey leads you to a really great place. And this summer, I am in a great great place!

My life’s philosophy, as well as my design aesthetic, is based on the marvelous unscripted discoveries we find along our journeys, and essentially “curating life.” So imagine my delight when one of my long-term dreams came to fruition—the launch of my own furniture and accessories collection with Global Views.

I understood early on, that I could only do so much to control the course of my life. But it didn’t stop me from making plans and setting goals, stressing and stretching myself from time to time. It is just my nature to do all I can to help the universe along.

On one hand, the experience has been completely natural-just an extension of the curating and editing process I go through everyday in my personal and professional life. But then sometimes, when I look at the evidence of this lifelong dream, sampled, photographed, cataloged and selling from a showroom floor, it seems surreal.Although I don’t believe in luck, I do believe in providence. I’m so glad the crazy, seemingly unrelated things I have done in my life all make sense now. I’m so grateful that the paths I took that felt like wrong turns were actually important stops along the way.

Sometimes we’re so busy we don’t realize we have come to an important crossroad.

We often don’t recognize the moments that define us until much later. Now is the time to savor every life-revealing journey.

This summer I hope you will take the time to venture down an uncharted path. Give yourself permission to go off grid, and get off the clock. Trust that the world will wait for you while you explore or reboot or relax. Call it travel, or escape or adventure, or a season of self-discovery. When you come back from your weekend (or weeks) of wanderlust, your whole world will seem fresher, more in focus and meaningful.

Pick up a book, or better yet, a best friend. Pop over to a new place, pop a cork, get lost in gossip or giggles. Mosey out of town or to your own backyard. But go!
If you ever are not sure what you are doing or which direction you should be going, follow your heart. I can promise you, it is good to be lost in the right direction.

XX Julia

Note: the images shown here are a combination of personal photography of my work and others’.